Creating a new digital landscape for runners

  • Brand
    Running Reborn
  • Timeframe
    6 - 8 months
  • Our Role
    API Integration User Experience Design Wireframing Website Development

Shane Benzie, a celebrated Olympic coach and best-selling author wanted to take his renowned reputation online. Centred around his expert knowledge of the body’s fascial system in dynamic movement Running Reborn is a membership platform that teaches you step-by-step the art of running.

2 The Brief
Create a coaching platform for runners to access globally. An annual subscription service that people can signup for online and access coaching tutorials, articles, documentaries, and podcasts. RR were looking to expand in many directions. New territories, offline usage, innovative training, books, and documentaries. Simply put, what was required for launch would need to adapt quickly and continue to do so for a company likely to be looking different in 5 years’ time. The 3 key things we felt absolutely critical: - Data gets entered once - Architecture is as future proofed as possible - Our flexible way of managing content
3 The Client
Running Reborn is a platform lead by Shane Benzie who is a celebrated coach and bestselling author and has coached over 3000 runners! Working with 3 other agencies we collaborated to deliver relevant and bite-sized tutorials. Running Reborn have big plans ahead for the future so approaching this project right was key to meeting their needs.
4 Branding
Working closely with the branding agency the brand was created which included direction, typography, logo and colour palette.
5 The Architecture
Integrating with microservices was our strategy here. Here we mapped out all of the data to ensure we have everything covered.
6 The Tech
We knew the initial build would quickly need augmentation from other systems so early on we decided on the flexibility of a headless architecture. Strapi was our CMS of choice due to its flexibility and user authentication ability. This needed to not only drive content but the membership aspect too. For videos we used Vimeo via the API with various overrides. The frontend tech uses Next.js which integrated easily with Stripe for payments and Sendgrid for system emails.
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“...massive thank you for all your hard work this year, and even more so for keeping me sane throughout! The team have been awesome so thank you.”

Running Reborn PM