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    7 weeks
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    User Experience Design Wordpress UI Design

Hām approached us having recently opened their independent neighbourhood restaurant in West Hampstead. At the heart of Hām is the quality. The ingredients used in every dish are sourced from farmers who care.

Our opportunity was to make their website echo the wonderful experience of dining somewhere different, every part thought through and considered.

We were to change the norm. PDFs are such a bad experience, yet accepted at restaurants, why!

2 Challenge
We set out to make the website menu content accurate, reflecting the time of day, so diners could use the right menu for the meal they were sitting down to eat. Alongside our colour palette evoking a different vibe for brunch than it does for dinner. This allowed the team to change the site as regularly as their seasonal menu - only providing the freshest quality sourced ingredients with no need for ongoing print artwork.
2 The Thinking
We don’t see why people should get a negative experience, just because it’s the accepted norm for the industry. By timing content delivery, we were able to show people the information they needed, at the same time as delivering a different experience that mirrored the change in lighting and atmosphere that they saw when dining. As a start up, Hām had a limited budget, so we needed to find a way to make the solution viable at the same time as making content easy-to-update for a stretched team.
3 Branding
Hām exudes luxury and sophistication, whilst being independent and reasonably priced. The attention to detail in the interior, beautifully designed and executed gave us a basis to create an online atmosphere for the neighbourhood restaurant using their predefined palette of gold and rich blue.
4 The Tech
Budgets were tight for launch so a simpler approach was needed to allow for the efforts to be weighted on the front end with interactions and transitions, all part of getting the feeling across. Wordpress was our chosen CMS which allowed the client to adapt quickly in Covid with a takeaway model, without the need for development. Post lockdown, the site remains easy to update with seasonal offers. Integrating with the client’s booking system, ResDiary, enabled diners to book in real time.
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